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Allow me to introduce myself - I am Professor Dhimitri Gusho, an experienced and passionate Mechanical Engineering educator.

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With a strong foundation in this dynamic field, I've had the privilege of shaping the minds of aspiring engineers and sharing my knowledge with countless students over the years. My mission is to inspire the next generation of mechanical engineers, fostering innovation and excellence.

Teaching is not just a profession for me; it is a calling. The true joy of being a professor comes from witnessing the remarkable growth and achievements of my students. Their thirst for knowledge, their determination to push boundaries, and their enthusiasm make every moment in the classroom worth cherishing.

My teaching style is infused with a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and charisma. I believe that learning should not be confined to textbooks and lectures alone. By creating an engaging and vibrant classroom environment, I strive to ignite curiosity, encourage active participation, and make learning an enjoyable experience.

With a natural enthusiasm and a knack for storytelling, I bring complex mechanical concepts to life, weaving real-world examples and anecdotes into my lessons. I believe that by connecting theory with practical applications, students can truly grasp the intricacies of Mechanical Engineering and develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

Together, we will unlock your potential, nurture your creativity, and equip you with the skills to tackle real-world engineering challenges. I am excited to embark on this transformative journey with you.

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Ready to take your learning to the next level? Booking a one-on-one session with Professor Gusho is a fantastic opportunity to receive personalized guidance, address specific questions, and gain valuable insights. Whether you're seeking advice on a challenging project, looking to deepen your understanding of complex concepts, or simply craving a mentor's perspective, Professor Gusho is here to support you every step of the way.


But don't just take my word for it! Here's what some of my students have to say about their experience learning from me:

Denald Demirxhiu

Dhimitri Gusho is hands down the best professor I ever had. He is incredibly helpful and treats you like a friend, which not many professors do. If you don't understand anything, he will literally go over it with you again because he wants you to truly understand, not just pass the course. He is an amazing person..

Barış Çokyusal

Dhimitri is an excellent teacher that explains the lessons very clearly. I had the pleasure of attending his class and engaging in the lessons.

Klaus Çepani

Professor Gusho is an outstanding professor who really cares about his students. He will go above and beyond to clarify concepts. So long as you show up to his lectures, pay attention and are respectful towards him you will succeed with him. He is a great man and I wish more professors had his attitude and aura.

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Have questions or ready to get in touch? Feel free to reach out to me via phone or email. I'm here to assist you in any way I can.